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Closing the loop


Have you ever sat back and imagined what a perfect (Well, a very much improved one at least) local economy would look like. I was fortunate enough to have that invitation to reflect when I was involved in the dreaming up of the ideas and projects for our successful lottery bid.

Two of the strands that we entered into the bid were for a community owned energy services company and for the Harborough pound, as local complimentary currency that helps lock wealth into the local economy. The Energy services company would provide investment opportunities and the ability to benefit from the proceeds of renewable energy projects as an Energy Generator.

Now the disconnect to my mind is how could we link the currency to the generation…. we need to also sell that energy into our local populace who could then pay using our local currency thus creating a virtuous loop as an Energy Supplier.

I briefly looked into this over a year ago now and managed to ascertain that the departments I contacted at DECC and OFGEM did not know what the process was nor what was involved in becoming an energy supplier. A little worrying that.

But I did find that most of the big six, Cooperative Energy, Good Energy and Ecotricity all use the same software platform (Utility Group) which makes me feel that the platform might be the biggest barrier to accessing this market

This time I shall start will them again as one or the other should be involved, if I fail again I shall try Greg Barker and Ed Davies and push on from there.

Wish me luck and if you have any thoughts then please do not hesitate to get in contact.