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2015 Planning event

Transition Town Market Harborough and Market Harborough Environment Group

Planning event 8th January 2015

Open space in 2 hours

We were gratified to see a good turn out for this new event to our calendar, a planning event to help answer the posed question :

“What can we do to improve the sustainability of Market Harborough in 2015 and beyond”

We started with a ceremonial cutting of a cake to celebrate the union of “Transition Town Market Harborough” and the newly names “Market Harborough Environment Group”. This beautiful cake was the  joint effort of Mary Dank’s and Mary Green. From the rest of the group we thank you!

Celebration cake

Cake to celebrate the union of TTMH & MHEG

TTMH_Planning 009_small

Mary Dank’s and Darren Woodiwiss cut the TTMH+MHEG celebration cake

The event was split into two phases, draw out the subjects we wished to discuss and then come up with a list of actions and answers which could form the basis of future projects.

The subjects

We handed out post-it notes and asked the group for ideas for subject headers that we could discuss during the evening. We had many suggestions, some of which were answers to the as yet unasked questions but Mark Baverstock and Darren Woodiwiss went through the responses to group them into logical subjects which were then written onto record cards.

When all of the responses were collated we reviewed the grouped responses by Darren reading them out aloud and asking the group if they agreed on the subject headers.

We had eight slots for discussion over the evening and so needed to select the ones that we wished to discuss. We mused the idea of a clap-o-meter and a cheer-o-meter but in the end elected by consensus to a show of hands.

One subject had little or no support and so was discarded, Transport & Pollution and Food & Health were combined to make two subjects.

Mrs Ford at the board

Mark Baverstock adds the subjects to the board

  Table A Table B Table C Table D
Round 1 Enterprise Awareness of TTMH and MHEG Waste Transport and Pollution
Round 2 Bio-diversity Energy Education and the inner Transition Food & Health


Harvesting ideas

The next phase is to collect the answers to the question under the subject header, We planned to run two rounds of harvesting run over four tables with each round lasting 30 minutes with 15 minutes to review the feedback.

So as not to guide the responses we have deliberately not informed the group about any projects that are currently in fly, this will also guide us as to the community penetration of such projects.

After group feedback sessions in each round we finished at 9.40… only 10 minutes late thanks to the judicious use of my bicycle horn!

Group discussions at the tables

Groups discuss each subject and draw out actions

There follows a breakdown of the responses:


  Description Comments Project status Response
1 Investigate which Supermarkets donate food waste to homeless      
2 Local Food & drink forum Would like to encourage more events and more involvement from edibLE16    
3 Food bank Investigate how we can help    
4 Enterprise to help employ and train the marginalised members of the community      
5 More support from national chains to help advertise local groups, events, projects Could run a campaign    
6 Encourage Market gardens / Allotments      
7 Supermarkets to put money into growing food locally, via charity etc.,      
8 Win win, rather than competition      

Awareness of TTMH & MHEG

  Description Comments Project status Response
1 Branded Garments      
2 Eye catching posters      
3 Informative leaflets      
4 Local Media


Social etc.,

5 Newsletters      
6 Features in the Harborough Mail      
7 Younger people groups      
8 Stalls at events      
9 Memorable slogans      
10 Talks at


Organisations eg U3A

11 Carnival float      
12 Groups or issues      
13 Promotion of local events in Multinationals      


  Description Comments Project status Response
1 Composting Community composting/Recycling areas    
2 Small appliance recycling in shops      
3 Restart project      
4 Litter      
5 TIP Not allowed to enter the waste sites on foot, this should be reversed    
6 A skip day Remove large waste or electrical items    
7 Vermin Control Stop feeding the pigeons & Duck. Bread is bad for ducks and encourages rats    
8 Morsbags      
9 Bins Not enough emptying of bins on Millennium mile    
10 Fly tipping      
11 Education What to feed ducks sign



Dog waste

Chewing gum

12 Recycling Pressure high waste producers    

 Transport & Pollution

  Description Comments Project status Response
1 Journey share Cars to work

Common Journey

2 Electric car charging point Garages

Supermarket car parks

3 Prioritise actions      
4 Increase cycling Provision


Family / Old people

Schools good at cycling, what about adults

Harborough Cycle day


Safety on roads

5 Incentives to cycle Supported buying scheme

Cycle paths


6 Electric bikes      
7 Dial-a-ride      
8 Bus routes To St. Lukes

Town Shuttle

New bus stops & Routes

9 Publicise car sharing scheme      
10 Trains Evening services from Leicester    
11 Out of town parking Bus connection (park & ride)

Bike hire

Electric vehicles


Bag trains to get your shopping to the park



  Description Comments Project status Response
1 Creation of new habitats- diversification      
2 Enhancement of existing habitats Hedgehog homes

Bird boxes

Bat boxes

Wildflower meadows

Welland park pond

Tree planting – replacement of dead trees in parks

3 Wilderness areas Potential school projects as they have land    
4 Green space Site behind Sainsburys    
5 Overgrown Hedges Private not cut back

Council over trimming

Council not clearing mulch – dangerous

6 Winter vegetation      
7 Over coppicing of trees      


  Description Comments Project status Response
1 Saving Street Lights The sub heading of this was “Safety issues”, when the street light switch off started we were informed that crime generally dropped in these unlit areas. Leicestershire police recently ordered some lights be re-instated to stop crime in a certain area… maybe more information and education is required    
2 Solar Panels Roof top prospects    
3 Wind power      
4 Effectiveness of local Solar panels Research, we assume that more information is required on the effectiveness of solar PV at our latitude    
5 Re-Charging points for EV (Electric Vehicles)      
6 Gas/Electric group purchase      
7 Carbon Footprint test      
8 Energy saving – Housing Better Insulation & Education    
9 Schools Project Converting school buildings



Carbon pumped into green houses


Education & the inner transition

  Description Comments Project status Response
1 Experiment cognitive & practical Find out


2 Critical discussion Sceptical to positive    
3 Open minded      
4 Freedom to express      
5 Respect others freedom of expression      
6 Challenge Others      
7 Accepting to be challenged      
8 Willingness to learn      
9 Desire to evolve      
10 Taking responsibility for the consequences of my actions      



Food & Health

  Description Comments Project status Response
1 Recipe book Using locally sourced food

Apple theme

2 Promote Fresh Higher nutrient content

Encourage home grown & Community grown

3 Sharing surplus To give away, create a Harborough brand that this can be promoted under    
4 Community Gardens Help promote N² community garden & Orchard

Waterloo community garden

5 Fitness through activity Mental & Physical (Green gym)    
6 Fundraising To achieve large scale growing schemes

Paid employment opportunities


7 Local food buying group      
8 Love food, hate waste Encourage LCC to host more activities in Harborough    
9 Education Promote Organic

Promote Whole foods



Local planning event invite

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An update from Transition Town Market Harborough

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** Planning Workshop 2015

** Help create our projects

Hi there,

Transition Town Market Harborough, including the Market Harborough Environment Group – a growing network of local groups and individuals involved with the environment and sustainability are excited to invite you to our first ever planning workshop posing the question: “What can we do to improve the Sustainability of Market Harborough in 2015 and beyond”. We will looking to get your questions and their answers that help us to understand this and plan for what needs to be done.

Have you ever stopped to wonder if there is a better way of doing things and why we allow things to continue as they do, have you wondered what the right questions are to get to the correct answers?

We will be running the session as an “Open Space” session, a special way of running workshops, so hopefully it will be a fun as well as rewarding evening. A bit about “Open space”:

Have you ever been to a conference, business or otherwise, where the delegates are seated and spoken at by speakers of varying ability? The history behind “Open Space” is rooted in the observation that more networking was done and information exchanged in the coffee breaks than in the business of these events and hence “open space” was devised to create an open and creative space for ideas.

It would be great if you were able to have a think before the event about any questions or answers that you would like to discuss at the workshop.

We are looking for about 8 topics for the evening, but don’t worry we will go through a brainstorming session on the evening to find the favorite 8.

What is going well ? What isn’t working ? What hasn’t been addressed ? Is it possible to do this ?

What do we hope to get from this event ? We would like to have some questions and a series of things that we can do as a community to deliver solutions to them. These will help form the projects that you and us undertake together as a community over the next year and into the future.

We look forward to seeing you at the Angel Hotel on Thursday January 8^th ready for a 7.30 start, finish by 9.30 .

best wishes

Darren, Mark and the team!
Forthcoming events

Apple tree grafting event

Sunday February 22nd

Returning for its third year, this workshop sells out every year so book your places as soon as possible.

Book here (

Seedy Sunday is returning

Sunday March 8th

Established in 2011 Foxton’s Seedy Sunday ( fast became a popular event in the local calender. Transitions volunteers have taken over the reigns and are bringing it back for 2015

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