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Welland Park Community Cafe consortium

WellandParkCafe_smallThree weeks ago it was published in the Harborough mail that HFT was giving up its lease on the cafe in Welland Park. HFT had been running the cafe at a lossĀ  as a way of giving work placements to its service users, people with learning disabilities. Although this was the first we had heard of this, it transpired that HFT had given 2 months notice to Harborough District Council and would be quitting as of May 31st.

There was a lot of discussion taking place on various social media platforms around Harborough on how the cafe could be run by the community and also to allow the HFT service users to continue in their valued roles, so we decided to call an open meeting to gauge appetite for this project which was held on the 12th of May in the cafe itself.


A healthy debate was held between members of the public and stakeholder organisations who attended and it was decided that we should submit a proposal to the Council for a community not-for-profit model to run the venue.

As is the way with Transition, the right people were at the meeting that we needed to make this possible. Becky Nixon and Darren Woodiwiss (With Becky doing by far the Lions share of the work) ploughed on .We did our research and bounced ideas this way and that as well as modelling what the finances might look like and in the 9 days available created what looks to be a robust proposal ready in time for submission deadline of 5pm on the 2oth of May.

The decision was due on the 22nd but as we write this today (27th) we are unaware of a decision having been made yet.

Thanks must go to the organisations who stood up to be part of this proposal and the local Councillors of the Welland ward in Harborough for their support.

  • Seven Locks Housing
  • VASL
  • Ideas to Impact
  • Transition Town Market Harborough
  • Sustainable Harborough
  • edibLE16 Ltd
  • Farrinheight Foods

We will let you know how it goes!