Transition harborough AGM 2012

AGM 2012 huddle

Friday brought forth the fifth Transition Harborough AGM although this is the first time we have chosen to base an event around it… and what a good idea that was.

We met at the Green house vegetarian restaurant which opens in Joules eatery (in Joules yard at the rear of the Joules shop on the high street (Store number one of the chain)) on the first Thursday and Fridays of the month and is run by the lovely Nathan and Kerry.

We had some great vegan food, the Pumpkin casserole and a chilli seemed very popular and indeed tasted fantastic… I was particularly taken by the Garlic bread that seemed much more involved than standard garlic bread. This excellent food and three bottles of Shepherds Nene Organic Larger helped set the tone of the evening.

We had invited two members of the Transition Leicester group who had established the Green Fox Energy Cooperative to come along and explain their project to us and the synergies between our tow groups. Ben Dodds was also involved in the Woolhope woodfuel cooperative and left a number of prospectuses with members to read.

We then took out twenty minutes to process the necessities of an AGM, a brief statement from our facilitator Reverend Brian Davis who was duly nominated and returned to his position. Next I gave a very brief statement on our accounts which after three years of not much happening has been rather busy. We closed this section with Mark Baverstock briefly reflecting on what we have achieved this year. Both Mark and myself were also returned in our roles.

We closed the evening with a presentation from Dr Chris Stoats from the Allerton Project in Loddington which is a research farm exploring conservation grade farming… not quite organic but a huge step in the right direction. He explained some of the projects that they had been involved with and one was preventing run off from the fields, it transpires that over 90% of the run off is from the channels carved by the tractor tyres. This was just one of many fascinating gems of information and I am sure that I speak for the group when I say we look forwards to working closer with the farm in the future.

I wonder how much will change before the next AGM what with the Sustainable Harborough challenge about to start soon.

Onwards and upwards and as always, enjoy your Transition, it should be a party!


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