A pressing engagement


“Let’s press some apple juice” went up the cry!

Our Food buying group bought a share in the press that had been commissioned by Transition Leicester for their food group. Using this press we successfully hosting our first Apple day event in Market Harborough and were amazed by the buzz that was created around this tool.

Buoyed by the feedback from visitors to the pressings at both the Lubenham Scarecrow day and our Apple day the group decided to raise the money to purchase a press for Market Harborough and our local communities.

For those that don’t know, Harborough used to have some very large Orchards providing the town with fresh fruit and indeed the last few remnants can be seen at the disused garage site off Newcombe Street (Earmarked for building) and on the field adjacent to the new housing estate on Farndon road.

The question of where to source the press was never asked when the press built for Transition Leicester ticked all of the boxes for us and the Transition philosophy. A press constructed by local talented tradesmen from locally sourced wood.

At this time Transition Harborough was tremendously lucky to be awarded a grant from Kambe Events Limited who are the company behind the organisation of a locally hosted, Secret, green cultural music and arts festival. This has enabled us to move quickly to place an order for this press while we raise the remaining cash for the press from our local community through the selling of shares.

Gillian and Judith our Transition babes inspect the work so farWe contacted our wood elf and were invited over to view their mystical workshop where the magic is worked as trees are lovingly crafted into kitchens and in our case, apple presses.

On our visit we found that having sold a few presses previously that they were actually building a batch of ten of which a couple had been sold already, so our press will have 7 siblings looking for homes if anyone is interested. We also heard that ours would not be made from local Oak as the trees felled by licence on the grounds of Brooksby College in Melton had not arrived in time and so ours is to be made of FSC certified wood instead.

Gillian and Judith were in their element and would have rolled their sleeves up and started work on our press if Rupert, our personal wood Elf, had let them so we decided to agree terms for the purchase of the press and call it a night.

For those of you that are interested in having a share (or maybe a share of a share if you want to split it with a neighbor) of the Apple Press there are still a few remaining to be snapped up. The price is £53.50 which will give you the right to book to have the press at your home for a couple of day a year, remember, you can press other fruits and do not just have to press juice to make Cyder. You can press Pears for Perry’s or Plums for Plum Wine or Cherries for Cherry wine or you could just drink the juice.

We are all very excited about our new arrival and hope that you will join us in the happy times that will be had at future Apple days and other events, who knows. One day we may be Wassailing Apples in our own town community Orchards again.

Dare to dream the dream!

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