Sustainable Harborough Project

In November 2011 the Transition Harborough volunteers heard of a new fund from the Big Lottery called the “Communities living sustainably” fund and set about the creation of a vision that we could submit as our Expression of interest.

Our volunteers invested hundreds of hours into the development of our ideas and the submission of the form, this was all undertaken in the incredibly short time window between the announcement of the fund and the submission date. We also needed to find a Charity partner who would hold the funds and were glad to recieve an offer to become the Lead organisation from the Rural Community Councl (Leicestershire and Rutland)

The Sustainable Harborough project has many elements that all add up to create an environment for a more sustainable community. The are all so interlinked that categorisation is difficult but here is a basic list:


  • Harborough Buying group becomes the basis of the Harborough Local Food hub
  • Community Farm
  • Community supported Agriculture
  • Growing places
  • Virtual Orchard


  • Energy Services Company- local investment in community owned renewable energy production
  • Woodfuel Cooperative
  • Transition Schools in partnership with the Leicestershire County councils ScoPe
  • State of the town report

Housing efficiency

  • Harborough Superhomes network including the Seven Locks Eco house
  • Energy Club – DIY efficiency improvements
  • Insulation Retro fit installations Co-operative
  • New home owners booklet


  • Re-conomy project
  • Local currency


  • Planting Woodland for amenity and wildlife
  • Green roofs
  • Restoration of the course of the river Welland
  • Buzzing borders – Bee Guardianship


  • Community Champions volunteering opportunities and advice giving
    • Energy advisers
    • Water advisers
    • Master composters
    • Waste advisers
    • Financial advisers
    • Green Deal adviser
  • Big lunch advocate



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