Our green and pleasant land

While traveling home last night I was admiring the lush green rolling countryside of the North Northamptonshire/South Leicestershire landscape when I was suddenly struck by the complete lack of colour there was. Save for the Himalayan Balsam (an invasive species) and Ragwort (A sort of invasive species) in some parts of the road side there was only green.

Surely this is not an issue I hear you say but it is the colour that signifies the presence of flowers and in turn forage for our bees and other insect pollinators.

We are looking for volunteers to help Transition Harborough and the Sustainable Harborough project to help plant and maintain areas for the benefit of our wildlife and to produce displays such as the one you can see below from Brighton in Sussex.

These wildflower areas are marked as part of the Britain in Bloom competition!

Please get in contact if you want to register as a volunteer.

2 responses to “Our green and pleasant land

  1. Stuart Kendall

    I have a half acre meadow a mile or two from Harborough that I want to fill to bursting with wild flowers. A bee paradise which will spread – once the buzz gets around. Any tips?

  2. Hi Stuart, fantastic to hear from you about your plans to help our struggling wildlife. As you know access to land is a real and pressing issue around our community and this is a great opportunity to create an oasis of nectar.

    There are many projects around with information on this kind of activity such as http://www.wildflower.co.uk and specialist seed providers, such as http://www.seedball.co.uk.

    For our project we are hoping that our project manager will be able to arrange a roundtable with HDC and LCC soon to look at identifying suitable tracts of land to start initial trials on.

    If you wish to make your land available to the project then obviously we could help with the planning and ask for volunteers to help with the work.