Harboroughs thermostat must be set too high!


According to figures released by the ONS (Office for national statistics) here, the East Midlands has the highest energy consumption by household in the Country


Now, proud as we are of our lovely town, despite the wounds being inflicted by the demands of a”build and be damned” planning policy we were just a little shocked to see the list of authorities with the highest consumption by household with some names being just a little too local for comfort:


Ouch, that is correct… our little district is sitting second in the list of highest consumers per household in England & Wales. This means that our “Sustainable Harborough” project of which we are a partner has its work cut out.

If your bills are too high and you would like help to reduce them, get in contact as we have a number of initiatives that we would like to set up and we need to know that there is an interest.



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