Transition Harborough At Shambala Festival

photoShowing off our new gazebo at the Shambala Festival on the bank holiday weekend together with the apple press, lots of information about bees, apple tree grafting and unconventional sources of oil and gas.  Once again we collected pledges from people as handprints or bee paintings, how to carry the utopian spirit of Shambala home with them in a practical Transition way.  We met lots of new people, from Transition Kings Cliffe (between Peterborough and Corby),  Transition Network Trainers and Social Reporters,  Newstead Village (nr Nottingham) and new people from Market Harborough and  Kettering.

Sunday morning Rob Hopkins was due to give a talk at Shambala but had to cancel,  Mark stepped in and gave a short talk on Transition Harborough and took part in a lively discussion.


One response to “Transition Harborough At Shambala Festival

  1. Wow, sounds like you had a great time Mark… did you get lots of contact details to contact again?