Are you feeling the heat?

For those of us in older homes there is a limit to the simple things that we can do to insulate our homes to improve comfort levels and save money on heating bills.

If, like most of us in the Transition steering group, you live in solid walled homes you might have considered the possibility of having solid wall insulation fitted. This comes in two forms, Internal & External which as you might guess signifies that it is installed either to the inside or outside of your home.

If you are planning a DIY installation of EWI then I would be keen to hear from you as I am planning, finances permitting, to start a project on my home later this year and if more of us are involved then we can negotiate better prices together… DIY EWI Groupon.

Alternatively, our sister group in Leicester are collecting names of householders wishing to have EWI installed in an attempt to negotiate a better price for having a professional company installing the insulation. A NON DIY EWI Groupon!

Their details can be found here

I look forward to hearing from some of you soon.


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