Apple grafting workshops

The Apple Grafters are creeping up in numbers.  Though this is the quiet season, the roots of ideas for funding the next Grafting Work Shop in February 2015 are growing.  Are you an Apple Guardian yet?

We are aiming to have total of at least 100 more Heritage Apple Trees growing around Harborough in the five years of the Sustainable Harborough’s project.  Heritage Apple Trees are ones that have been around around for a demonstrably long time, showing their ability and suitability for the local climate and growing conditions.

Harborough does not have any land for developing an orchard (Although an opportunity in a nearby village is in the pipeline), so the idea of a virtual orchard arose – where lots of people are looking after an apple tree in their own growing space of whatever size.  The challenge of photographing all these individual  grafted apple trees and putting them together as a montage as a virtual orchard is proving a challenge that is being persued!

The first grafted apple trees are now 18months old, and many are being looked after by Harborough in Bloom near their polytunnels.  Some have been planted at local schools such as the Meadowdale School.  The most recent grafts set in February 14  are now nearly four foot tall.  Plans for a pruning session are now needed!

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