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Energy prices just keep rising and rising!

Some groups blame the green energy movement for placing extra burdens upon the bill payers but the truth is that these additional tariffs are just a fraction of the bill that you see.

OFGEN official breakdown of what is in a bill

Environmental cost = 11% of the bill

Energy Company obligation – £27 pa

This is the contribution that the government is placing upon the generating companies to cover the costs in the Green Deal for hard to treat homes with solid wall insulation.

The Renewables Obligation (Electricity only) – £21 pa

The costs of promoting mass renewable generation schemes

Feed In Tariffs – £6 pa

The levy taken to pay the bonuses given to micro installations of renewable energy, this is being parred back by the government as it is too high a burden on bill payers? Go figure!

The simple facts are that the energy companies are allowed to make obscene profits and as supplies become more scarce the wholesale prices will fluctuate wildly, does anyone recall Natural gas going up by 60% a few years ago.

It is only fair to assume that energy will become increasingly more expensive in relative terms and we need to insulate ourselves from the affects of this as a community.

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