Buying group

We are a group of people who get together to purchase quality wholefoods and eco-friendly household products with an interest in ethical, organic, fairtrade, sustainable and locally sourced products at reasonable prices.

We presently source products from Leicester Wholefoods Cooperative and Suma Wholefoods. Take a look at their web sites  for details of their products.

By making regular orders as a group, we aim to get the best prices possible, either by making bulk purchases and achieving discounts or by buying wholesale.

We also operate a refill system for eco-friendly household products, such as washing up liquid, hand soap, laundry products and cleaning products. These products are available to all at cost price.

Members who purchase in bulk, sometimes offer their surplus stocks for others to buy.

This group is the basis of the Local food hub idea that you will now find in the Sustainable Harborough Challenge.

We invite you to join us.  Simply register first at the top right-hand corner of the Transition website and log in, then you will be able to go to Join Group at the top of this page.

For general enquiries, go to Members and post a comment to sueh.

To start ordering with the Buying Group, register on the Transition website and Join the Group here, then you will be able to go to Members and send a personal message to sueh.  If you wish to include a phone number, she will call you back.

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