Energy Supplier

UpowerAn investigation into the process for establishing a community owned Energy Supply Cooperative, the aim of which would be to allow the community to own the whole life-cycle of its energy and allow for the theoretical energy independence of the town.


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2 responses to “Energy Supplier

  1. Dear Market Harborough,

    I hear tell of interesting things you have been doing around community solar power and creating an alternative energy market.

    I actively support a fledging transition group in Egham, Surrey and giving serious thought to starting a similar project in my own town. I was hoping you might be able to spare some time to share your experiences, particularly around community engagement and funding.

    I would happily make the trip to Market Harborough, not only for fact finding purposes, but I always welcome the opportunity to visit an unfamiliar town.

    Thanks and regards


  2. Hi Rob,
    Thanks for the kind words. I did indeed put some time into investigating the Energy supply market and found that the BSC 11.2 (Balancing & Settlement code) was effectively a barrier to market for those without deep pockets.

    I was researching options here with a view to maybe establishing a bureau to perform this function for community groups when we came across a start up company who had just written a work around. We should hopefully be the second community to participate in the pilot when it is ready so keep checking in.

    We recently spent two years preparing a bid for the lottery and helping establish the “Sustainable Harborough” project. Part of this project is the establishment of our community Energy coop. We have just been invited to start designing our first prospect and so are still early days on this.

    Check out Brixton Energy who are far more advanced and more local and also Energy for London who are working with Cornwall energy on the energy supply side.

    Feel free to get in contact if you have any more questions and let us know where you heard about our efforts :o)


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