How it works

How our seed swap works

Seedy Sunday or Seedy Saturday is a catchphrase used for seed swap events that bring the public together with seed savers, to maintain and develop the open pollinated and heritage crop cultivars that are a resource in a community. In some communities the event is a gardening show or may feature local chefs using the heritage plants and seeds. The titles Seedy Saturday and Seedy Sunday are dedicated to the public domain by the event founder Sharon Rempel.

The heart of a Seedy Sunday or Seedy Saturday event is the swapping and sale of seeds or other propagation material for public-domain plant cultivars that that have been preserved or developed by individuals or families. These may not require high-input agriculture, and are variously described as landraces, folk varieties, farmer varieties and heritage seed. Sharing information about the social, cultural and culinary aspects of the seed is an important part of heritage seed saving around the world. Providing education about techniques for seed-saving, small-scale agriculture and horticulture, and about local, national and international laws that affect public-domain crop plants can also be an important part of the event.

  1. Entry for people who bring seeds is free
  2. Seed bringers will get 1 token for each packet of seeds they hand in
  3. Bring a plant or seedling and get 3 vouchers each
  4. If anyone arrives without seeds, they can buy vouchers – 2 for £1
  5. Anyone can buy extra seed tokens for 50p each
  6. Swap 1 voucher for 1 packet of seeds
  7. Swap 3 vouchers for a seedling or plant
  8. Seeds will be sorted on the day to help you find what you want
  9. Experts will be available to help you
  10. There will also be delicious refreshments and lots of interesting stalls

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