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Darrens Challenge Challenge

My challenge Challenge
In recognition of a new year, the commencement of the “Sustainable Harborough Challenge”, the fact that every Ounce of CO2 compounds the cumulative affect that is climate change and the timely discovery that Sustrans have fixed the exit at the Northampton end of route 6 known locally as the Brampton valley way, I have decided that I am going to attempt to regularly commute to work by bicycle.

At this point I am only going to aim for once a week with the caveat that It will also be a fair weather venture as I don’t want to complete the 18.5 mile (According to Google maps) journey and be too dishevelled before work.

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Why only once a week, initially fitness but until I know an accurate journey time to and from work I have the issue that I might not see my 2 year old daughter. I would have to leave before she wakes and could possibly not get home until it is nearly her bed time.

I am giving myself a week to work my bike up to speed, slime filled inner tubes and lighting will be important factors in this… lots of light to cycle in the dark on an unlit route. I have already started this process, when I bought my bike about 9 years ago the shop gave me a light unit that came without battery pack or charger. I have cobbled together a 6v 4 amp lead acid unit and an old 6v 500 mili-amp charger that took about 2 days to charge the battery from scratch with… is there a better spec for the charger or is that about right?

My first ride target date is a week today, Tuesday 15th Jan.