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N2 community farm group disappointed

A group of residents from Newcombe Street and Naseby Close (hence N2(squared)), that includes two of our Transition volunteers, have been petitioning Harborough District Council since 2009 to take over a disused garage site. The idea was to buy it from the council and establish a community farm on the site.


This would have ticked many boxes and met many outcomes for the council and its partners under its commitment to its “Sustainable Communities Strategy” document of the time, the current document is a much weaker worded affair.

Earlier this year the council confirmed that the site would be sold by auction for housing development and thus brought an end to the hopes of local residents. As one of HDC’s only significant sale-able land assets it is not surprising that our cash strapped council has chosen not to exercise its option to use the land for “Community benefit” and maximize it’s financial returns.

The blind bidding process closed on May 30th 2014 and the council has confirmed that it has received bids for the land (Subject to planning permission being granted). All is not lost however, the whole plot was not sold as there is a grassed area (The size of two allotments) that is potentially being offered to the community.

Hopefully there will be more information soon.