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The 90 Kg Rice Challenge

Eat someone out of poverty —–how could you do that?

The Market Harborough Fair Trade Town group are giving folk in the Market Harborough area a challenge. Can we sell 90 one kilogram bags of fair Trade rice grown in Malawi in the next 7 weeks? If so then

one Malawian rice farmer can afford to send one of his or her children to secondary school for one year

—-and education is the key to getting out of poverty.

Bags of white and brown rice will be on sale from 14th September until the end of October from

-a stall outside Sainsburys Supermarket (inside if wet) on Saturday, 14th September

-participating schools and churches

-the Oxfam shop on the High Street (during trading hours)

-a stall at the Farmer’s Market in the market square on Wednesday, October 3rd

For more details contact Anita Beer            01858 440899/07769890651            asbeer@hotmail.com

(Member of the Market Harborough Fair Trade Town steering group)