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Local food hub first meeting

Volunteers arrange food hub user stories

Considering the stories that will drive our project

Last night was our first meeting of our Local food hub work group, a team of volunteers aided by our project manager Gavin Fletcher, wrote out a series of user stories to describe processes and features of our proposed local food hub. The stories are all written from the perspective of different users of the system, a process often used in Agile development environments.

We aim to meet every two weeks and our next step is to get some local food producers to attend our meetings and give their perspective of how the system should work.

Local food hubs are not new with StroudCo and DE4 being notable examples along with a fast growing movement across the world. These projects have all written their own software solutions and admit that there are many limitations and bugs. It is our objective to create a platform that will work well for all and bring our local producers in contact with their local customers.

Great progress was made a this meeting by our core volunteers Gillian Baverstock, Dr Judith Egan, Sue Hambleton and of course myself Darren Woodiwiss and we look foward to meeting with a growing food hub group in the future.